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Real Estate Investing Made Simple

Real Estate Investing Made Simple takes readers through personality tests, explains how to approach a property investment and leverage your portfolio, and so much more.

In this book, you’ll find techniques that the authors not only teach, but use in their own journeys to financial freedom as investors and developers. You’ll also learn about important concepts such as:

  • Knowing the why before you buy
  • Finding your areas of strength and purpose
  • Learning who you can trust for advice
  • Building with leverage to create your portfolio
  • Becoming a power player


No matter what level of knowledge you’re starting with, Real Estate Investing Made Simple is a must-read resource on any investor’s journey to make money in real estate.

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About The Authors

Through the pages of Real Estate Investing Made Simple, Eric Anderson and Noelle Frieson Friedman, founders of The Center for Real Estate Education, one of the largest real estate schools on the East Coast, walk readers through everything they need to know to make money in real estate investing – just as they’ve done by training over 15,000 students, changing the lives of countless prospective and current real estate investors and agents looking to build their dream career.

Eric Anderson is the State Director for the Center for Real Estate Education and CEO of Alexander Anderson Real Estate Group and its subsidiaries. He is responsible for strategic direction and long-term planning and leads the charge of creating and implementing the company’s growth strategy.

Noelle Frieson Friedman is the award-winning Executive Director of the Center for Real Estate Education. She has over two decades of marketing, public relations, and project management experience in the real estate, consumer marketing, and economic development fields.

Under their dynamic leadership, the Center for Real Estate Education has become a staple in the Real Estate community.