Real Estate Sales Small Group Coaching

$99.00 for each 1 month / month



Become Recession Proof with Small Group Coaching!

More than ever real estate professionals need to weather the ups and downs of the economy and market. The Center for Real Estate Education offers a series of real estate small group coaching sessions to help real estate agents increase sales through proven methods of lead generation and accountability.

How you choose a real estate coaching program depends on your budget and unique needs. Individual coaching programs, although effective, can be extremely expensive, and the time spent with your coach can be very limited (usually just 20 minutes), with the majority the time spent only on “numbers” reporting. 

Our CFREE Small Group Coaching incorporates agent accountability, assignments, and timely topics, that have proven to increase an agent’s production; all at an affordable price. We combine the benefits of mentorship, one-on-one coaching, and our “real estate group therapy” where you learn from peers who share similar goals and challenges.



Bi-Weekly Live-Online Coaching Session: Live Online Small Group Coaching every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Weekly Action & Accountability Goal Setting: Receive actionable assignments and tasks that will accelerate growth for your business and income.

Our CFREE Signature “Start Anytime”: Each class offers different topics, speakers and accountability reporting. Students can start anytime and continue to grow with the program.


Each week our expert coach presents different key topics that you as a real estate professional continually needs grow your business and increase your sales.

Topics include:

  • Running a Business
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing Planning
  • Lead generation 
  • Short-term and Long-term goal setting
  • Metrics for tacking your business and marketing efforts
  • Habits that lead to success
  • Converting more leads into sales
  • Controlling you sales cycle 
  • Differentiating yourself in a competitive market
  • Low cost marketing tactics 
  • Social media to increase my sales
  • Building a reliable referral network
  • Creating a “circle of influence”
  • Time management
  • Structuring time to have the biggest impact on your business
  • Connecting my long-term strategy to daily tasks
  • Team creation / expansion
  • Being an effective team leader.


  • Pre-Program: Before your first session, each participant will receive a questionnaire to identify key focus areas as well as to support the measurement of progress through participating in the group.
  • Weekly Accountability Prep: In advance of each session, each participant is responsible for completing a short prep worksheet, which includes progress made since last session, key barriers, outstanding questions, and desired focus area(s) in the upcoming Small Group Coaching Session. These accountability sheets can be turned in before the session so the coach can focus on the groups individual needs.
  • Small Group Coaching Session: CFREE Instructor and Coach Jeff Halpern, leads a bi-weekly 2-hour session focused on addressing a pre-determined topic as well as focusing on individual and shared challenges of the group.  Participants are encourage to bring their own individual progress reports, challenges, and successes to the class in order to discuss how to grow their individual businesses.  We track the  progress of each participant since the last Small Group Coaching Session and work on overcoming barriers that have come up along the way.
  • Individual Support: Participants are able to engage their coach outside of their session to work on individual questions and challenges that need additional support.
  • Online Tools: Closed online forums and app tools are available to coaching participants to post questions, share progress, and ask for help on key challenges.

About Your Coach Jeff Halpern

Jeffrey Halpern has been in the real estate business as an agent, manager, team leader, real estate educator/trainer and coach since 1985, bringing a “real-world” perspective to his work with his students.

As a practitioner, he managed and trained hundreds of real estate agents; participated in thousands of transactions; taught thousands in pre-licensing and broker state required courses, as well as, advanced continuing education courses, and coached countless agents. As a thought leader in the industry, he regularly publishes for various real estate media outlets, and has developed innovative training courses for agents, including “Ethics and You, Successful Together” for the NJ Real Estate Commission and the National Association for Realtors.

Ultimately, his passion lies in providing the most comprehensive and effective coaching experience for new agents and those who want to grow their businesses and increase their income.

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