So you got your Real Estate license, now what? You probably already have a vision of what your life as an agent will be. However, the first year in real estate is usually the toughest one. In fact, the first year will either make or break an agent. Here is some advice new real estate agents

You are at the beginning stage of entrepreneurship.  This is very different from working 9 to 5 with benefits and with a fixed salary. As an agent, schedules are flexible and income is based on an individual’s efforts and how much they are able to manage. 

One of the most asked questions in the beginning state of a Real Estate career is, “how much will I be making my first year?” It’s all up to you – based on how much YOU are able to generate business and it all depends on your effort.. 

Here are some tips for you to help you through your first year!

First year of being an agent is always the toughest. If it wasn’t, then everyone would be doing it. It is up to you on how you want to spend your time learning new materials and understanding the market of real estate as well as understanding people. Altogether, it will help you obtain success. Ambition alone is not enough, real estate requires dedication and networking skills. Keep striving and stay goal oriented to see faster results!