Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Multifamily Real Estate Investing


Online Course

The Center for Real Estate Education has teamed up with Real Estate experts from across the country to offer the most informed and action-oriented professional Certificate Courses in the industry! 

This isn’t your average multifamily investing seminar. Our Multifamily Investment BootCamp will truly help you take your investment journey to the next level.

Have you been dreaming of a better life of financial freedom and flexibility for you and your family?

NOW is the time to bring your dream of multifamily real estate investment to fruition. We are living in a time where there are unprecedented amounts of opportunity waiting to be seized. 

Are you ready to take action to make your dream a reality?

This course includes modules on:

  • Opportunities in Real Estate
  • Understanding Depreciation
  • Positive Leverage
  • Inventory
  • Marketing & Networking
  • Converting Leads
  • Analyzing The Deal
  • Underwriting
  • Finding the Best Debt
  • Escrow
  • Closing & Vetting



About Jason Lee


Jason Lee teaches young professionals how to break out of the stagnation of their 9-5 and rebuild a career path that points in the direction of their greatest ambitions, all while mastering the tools to grow their wealth and time with less hands-on effort. No matter your industry, career path, or goals, you deserve to Get Out and start living your life NOW.

Jason Lee is a highly recognized real estate broker in the multifamily real estate industry. He has worked with several eight to ten-figure real estate investors in San Diego County, helping them acquire, dispose of, and 1031 exchange in order to improve their portfolio. In the last couple of years, Jason has represented over 100 investors and closed over $250,000,000 worth of real estate in San Diego County. His investors highly respect him, and he is currently one of the top-producing commercial real estate brokers in San Diego County. His transactions & insights have been shared in the San Diego Business Journal and Costar. He also currently owns and operates a $40,000,000 portfolio comprising over 100 units in San Diego County himself, so he can offer advice from a broker’s standpoint and from an investor’s point of view.

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