Find, Fund, Flip - Start & Increase your House Flipping Business in 90 Days

Find, Fund, Flip - Start & Increase your House Flipping Business in 90 Days

$599.00 $197.00

2-Day Certificate Course
9am – 4pm

This interactive class is fully online.  There is a live instructor and class discussion. You will receive an emailed certificate at the end of the course.

The Center for Real Estate Education presents Find, Fund, Flip, with our Real Estate Coaching Team which will get you on your path to flipping houses in 90 days.
Learn directly from our seasoned professionals.
  • An Investor and Rehabber
  • A Construction Consultant
  • A Residential Architect
  • A Hard Money lender
  • A Real Estate Attorney
Our coaches will help accelerate your results by providing you with everything you need to know to hit the ground running and get you first flip started within 90 days.
Our program includes systems and strategies to show you how to, find the deal, fund the deal, analyze the repairs, and flip the deal. Plus a whole lot more
All of this is yours when you join us at Find Fund And Flip
Let’s get started and remember,
You Can Do This!  



About the Instructor: Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif
Investor Coach

Mr. Sharif brings with him a wealth of real estate accomplishments ranging from servicing clients and Realtors as a licensed Broker of Record to using BRRR (Buy Renovate Rent Refinance Repeat) techniques to own a rental property portfolio, property management services, raising private equity to fund real estate deals, flipping (& not flopping) homes, and working with developers for strategic acquisitions in Redevelopment and Opportunity Zones.

Mr. Sharif is the author of the ‘how-to guide’ – How I made my first Million in Real Estate: The no BS guide to flipping, BRRR, buying/selling, and wholesaling

Guest Speakers:

Mario Camino
Hard Money Lender
Arkad Capital, LLC

Mario has become an expert at locating and acquiring underutilized property in key locations within growing cities & emerging NJ sub-markets. He’s well versed on securing approvals, financing, entitlements, and all the necessary pieces needed for complex real estate development projects to materialize; which are then positioned as catalyst for the revitalization of downtowns, CBD’s and TOD’s districts. Due to the group’s reputation for delivering outstanding quality, superior design, and exceptional customer service, Arkad quickly amassed an impressive portfolio of ever-growing properties.

Mario is also the head of Arkad Capital, LLC. Arkad Lending Division and latest venture. An entity created to serve as a reliable and affordable lending conduit to the rehabbing funding industry. Being that the principals of arkadCap have completed over 250 residential flips successfully; the vast amount of knowledge, care to detail, structure and understanding of liquidity needs became arkadCAP’s main attributes. Connecting with borrowers at a level hardly seen from other lenders in the industry.

Daniel Gonzalez
Construction Consultant

Danny Builds Homes

Daniel Gonzalez has been involved in the real estate industry for over 25 years. During that time he gained invaluable insights as a Real Estate Investor.  Using these insights, Danny has been successful in buying and selling homes for sizable profits.  

Early on in his career he realized the significant savings available by being his own general contractor.  Since then, through his company Danny Builds Homes, he has made it his mission to pass on this learning to others so that they can achieve their highest potential.  Over the last 10 years, Danny has consulted with scores of investors teaching them methods to take complete control of their projects; be it a flip, investment, rental or even a major renovation.

By allowing Danny to help you learn these strategies, you will be gaining knowledge you can apply to endless projects for less than the cost of general contractor.

Faris Shurbaji
Real Estate Attorney

Faris Shurbaji is licensed attorney in the State of New Jersey with a concentration in real estate law. Mr. Shurbaji has extensive experience handling home purchases and sales, short sales, bank owned/REO transactions, transactions, foreclosures, and commercial transactions. Mr. Shurbaji earned his law degree from Rutgers School of Law—Newark, where he was a Senior Editor on the Rutgers Law Record and a recipient of the Deborah T. Poritz Legal Fellowship. He was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 2014. Prior to acquiring his juris doctorate, Mr. Shurbaji worked with JP Morgan Chase where he held multiple FINRA Licenses. He also held several New Jersey State licenses including the New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson license and a New Jersey Mortgage Banker’s license. Mr. Shurbaji has worked in the real estate industry in various roles since 2005 and works to apply his knowledge to the benefit of his clients and colleagues.

Jin Kim
Form Function Architects

With over 18 years’ experience as an architect, realtor and an investor, Jin brings multiple different perspectives when walking through a home with his clients. Because he draws from all three areas of expertise, he understands not only the finances of a deal, but also the aesthetic considerations and layout configurations that will help sell a home for the highest dollar value in the shortest amount of time. His approach is holistic in nature and includes reviewing any zoning or code issues that could unlock additional untapped potential on a site to get the highest and best use out of each project. He has worked on numerous client projects as well as his own fix and flip and buy and hold project. His primary objective is to make sure his clients feel like they have been presented all their options and are well positioned and fully informed to make the best choices possible. He understands that these choices involve some of the most stressful and biggest sales or purchases his clients are making so he strives to make everything as seamless and simple as possible. He has two children and enjoys rock climbing, cycling and has a passion for traveling and eating very very well while traveling.

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Saturday, Oct 16 & Sunday, Oct 17

28 reviews for Find, Fund, Flip – Start & Increase your House Flipping Business in 90 Days

  1. (verified owner)

    This course is perfect for anyone starting out and I believe that even those that are already flipping can also benefit from this course. Everything was broken down and it was easy to understand a. The guest speakers were a great addition. I am pumped to start the process ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us !

  2. I normally don’t leave reviews but I promised I would since I had so many questions during the class lol. I learned a lot from this class. I’ve been reading everything I could and watching videos on real estate investing but there’s nothing better than being able to ask questions directly. Omar is the guy to speak to if you’re starting out flipping houses! He covers details that saved me so much time from trying to learn it myself. There is so much involved in finding deals and just something simple like using an answering service, knowing how much to budget, and sending all calls to them saves me the trouble of not having to answer while at work. And I nothing about repair estimates and learned I don’t need to know every expense. There are ways to guesstimate costs and that was a big help. Take this class if you tend to overthink like I do and have lots of questions!

  3. I recommend this class because i didnt know how to get funding to do a flip and thought I needed all cash like I always hear others say. and finding a deal has been hard to do in this market but I wasnt marketing for them like I learned in this class

  4. I’m glad I randomly found this class and for this price it’s a no brainer. I spent too much time trying to youtube and google and all the main info I wanted was in this class. Omar was great and can tell he teaches from experience of being in my position as a beginner

  5. I felt this class covered all the topics properly. Maybe too much time spent on finding deals and I am not a realtor yet, so some of it was confusing for me. Instructor and panel of experts are very knowledgeable.

  6. The instructor and staff are extremely professional. The staff was there to assist with every question I had. Really great environment.

  7. Great class, covers everything I wanted to know. Now the action begins!

  8. A++++++ !!

  9. I thought this class was great and covered everything I hoped to learn, especially how to roll up my sleeves and dig to find deals. I became a realtor to get into investing and flipping houses but they are two completely different things. Finding deals on the MLS is a waste of time so I took this class to learn better techniques and Omar did an excellent job explaining how he got started. The case studies on flip projects were great. I was hoping for more examples or videos but all the time was well spent. I recommend this class and think it’s a bargain for the material covered. Also learned a lot from the hard money lender and hope to work with him soon.

  10. My husband and I both took this class after getting our real estate license at this school. I highly recommend this school for their classes. Both experiences were professional and the content is great. We both hope to get our first flip done in 2021 and thought this class was a big help!

  11. I’ve flipped my first house a few months ago with a partner and it was very difficult. We wasted a lot of time and money trying to do the work ourself. I took this course to learn how others are doing it and it was helpful. Finding deals is still a major challenge but I feel confident that I will find one soon.

  12. Great class!! 2020 was our year to get into real estate investing and attend local meetings but that obviously didn’t work out to well. I’m glad we took this class online. Super professional with great content. All the teachers are great and available even after the class to assist. Our goal now is to find our first deal and get started in 2021!

  13. I think this class covered all the buzz words that I wanted to learn and as Omar said many times, flipping houses is not like they show on HGTV. It was a great class and I recommend it to others starting out

  14. This class was a great deal! I’ve taken other online classes on how to flip houses and most have only have information that I can google myself. This class dug deeper and the instructor, Omar, has good insight into how to get started. It helped me decide that I want to be an investor but will be doing it with a partner and not by myself….that alone was worth taking this class for me.

  15. The Instructors were very knowledgeable, thorough and insightful! Worth every penny!

  16. If you only need one reason to take this class then consider it will teach you how to FUND a deal with no money of your own. I thought it was a gimmick passed around in real estate but now I understand how it can be done. Great panel and they are there to really make sure we understand the process. I would recommend to others

  17. Great class! it covers the one thing no one seems to know or can explain…how to find deals! I’ve had zero luck with wholesalers in my area but now I have a better idea of other ways to market for deals. Omar was very responsive and I had lots of questions he was able to answer.

  18. great class, would recommend

  19. This course was much more than I expected, lots of details covered that I didn’t realized were involved in flipping a home. The instructor was great, went too fast at times but there was a lot to cover and I was able to ask all my questions. Overall, I’d recommend this course.

  20. Our instructor Omar was absolutely AMAZING!! He keeps you engaged the whole time. You’re not bored or looking at the clock constantly.

  21. Great class! I chose this class because I want to leave my 9-5 and get into flipping houses and it’s not easy!! So I want to learn only from someone who did it already. Omar covered what he did before leaving his job and the main focus at first is understanding how to find and analyze deals. ‘leads are the bloodline of your business!’

  22. great class

  23. The center for real estate education is an amazing school I came in knowing nothing about real estate and I feel like I know everything the instructor I had was Cora. She was amazing, she taught things use examples as well as follow the book every night I would go home taking the test almost passing everything because of her knowledge that she taught us. I would definitely recommend the school it’s one of the best and the people there are friendly and besides there’s free coffee.

  24. Great teacher, great school! You will get tons of useful information and make your realtor journey to get started so easy. Highly recommend!

  25. Professional, pleasant and caring staff. Flexible schedules which is amazing. Lots of helpful information and great resources from this course.

  26. this was the class I wanted. I took some online classes on Udemy and it was basic information that didn’t help. but this class was interactive and covered all my questions. and I live in NJ so the material and teachers were more relevant than the other online courses I tried.

  27. great class, learned a lot

  28. I’ve paid so much more for other classes and seminars and didn’t learn anything useful. I was tired of the usual motivational classes with someone bragging about what they did and asking for $1000s for a weekend class. I just wanted to learn the nuts and bolts and this class delivered! I reviewed the outline before signing up and they confirmed that all the material will be covered and it will be interactive. Both days were great and the 2nd day had the different teachers cover their expertise and they did a great job. Omar….I wish you more success and will call you when I have my first deal!!

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