Find, Fund, Flip – Flipping & Investing

Find, Fund, Flip – Flipping & Investing


Ready to kickstart your house flipping journey? Look no further than Find Fund Flip by the Center for Real Estate Education!

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Comprehensive Training: Our program goes beyond the basics, offering proven systems and strategies to find profitable deals, secure funding, assess repairs, and successfully flip properties.

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Find Fund Flip

About the Instructor: Omar Sharif

Omar Sharif
Investor Coach

Mr. Sharif brings with him a wealth of real estate accomplishments ranging from servicing clients and Realtors as a licensed Broker of Record to using BRRR (Buy Renovate Rent Refinance Repeat) techniques to own a rental property portfolio, property management services, raising private equity to fund real estate deals, flipping (& not flopping) homes, and working with developers for strategic acquisitions in Redevelopment and Opportunity Zones.

Mr. Sharif is the author of the ‘how-to guide’ – How I made my first Million in Real Estate: The no BS guide to flipping, BRRR, buying/selling, and wholesaling