New Jersey Video Cram Course


New Jersey Video Cram Course

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Pass Your New Jersey Real Estate State Exam!!

Get access to The Center for Real Estate Education Video Recap Cram Library with 21 videos of supplemental real estate instruction on the entire 75 Hour Course. Our experts teachers guide you step by step through the key information you will need to know to pass your state real estate exam.

Adults need repetition to learn. Our Video Cram Course allows you to review each topic taught in the New Jersey 75 Hour Pre-licensing Course and study for the state exam on your phone, tablet, or computer. Watch our video series from your own home at ANY TIME – or listen to our expert teachers while you drive.

Study anywhere – anytime!

Need to review the whole course? Rent all 21 videos for One Low Price!  

Just need additional help on a few topics? Rent the videos al la cart!

*These videos are for study purposes only. They cannot be used to replace the qualifying live-instruction hours required by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.



Videos available in the library:

  • Video 1: Real Estate Licensing
  • Video 2: Commission Rules and Regulations
  • Video 3: Agency, Brokerage, and Ethical Considerations
  • Video 4: Fair Housing
  • Video 5: What is Real Estate?
  • Video 6: Estates and Interests
  • Video 7: Ownership of Real Estate
  • Video 8: Real Estate Taxes
  • Video 9: Land-Use Regulations and Environmental Issues
  • Video 10: Listing Agreements
  • Video 11: Real Estate Contracts
  • Video 12: Leases: Landlord and Tenant
  • Video 13: Mortgages
  • Video 14: Financing – Conventional, FHA, and VA Loans
  • Video 15: Financing Primary and Secondary Markets
  • Video 16: Appraisal
  • Video 17: Investment and Business Brokerage
  • Video 18: Subdivision and Development
  • Video 19: Legal Descriptions and Deeds
  • Video 20: Transfer of Title
  • Video 21: Public Records, Titles, and Closings