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Instructions for Joining Classes

You have 1 year to complete your classes and pass your school test. Each class is a different chapter. And those chapters are taught as different individual topics.  You have to take all 21 chapters in any order followed by a review class. So, you could take a few chapters during the day time, some in the evening, and some on the Sunday.  As long as you take all 21 chapters you will get all the information you need for the state test and all the qualifying hours you need for the Real Estate Commission. Hence, it doesn’t matter when you start, as long as you take all your chapters.

Take a look at how our “rolling admissions” works here:





Location: 14 Bergen St, Hackensack, NJ 07601


All current students are able to attend as many classes as you’d like within your 1 year tuition.
All past students are able to attend any classes they’d like upon graduating (passing school exam) while awaiting the State Exam.



It is very important to read the below information thoroughly in full and save it for future use!


Optional VIRTUAL New Student Orientation!
Every Tuesday from 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Learn how to use your CFREEConnect Dashboard, log into classes, keep track of your chapters, how the school works, state information, and so much more!

Orientation Link:
Meeting Passcode: located in your original order receipt/PDF


ALL students are responsible for keeping track of their own chapters.
The school will keep track of the student’s hours.

  1. Log into the CFREEConnect Dashboard using the link from your receipt.
  2. Go to “My Learning Path” and click Start Learning! This is the package you bought
  3. YOU MUST START WITH “Before Your First Class: Orientation & Documents” and complete all required modules to unlock your chapters.
  4. Each time you complete a chapter with the LIVE instructor, you will click on that chapter in your dashboard and follow the prompts:
    1. View the slides that are shown during class.
    2. Watch the Keyword Video for the chapter.
    3. Match the Keyword Terms (drag-and-drop.)
    4. [MANDATORY] Confirm you have attended the live class IN FULL.
    5. [MANDATORY] Write the date and session you attended in the Date Tracker along with any additional information requested.
    6. [MANDATORY] Pass the chapter assessment with 70% or higher; you can take the assessment over and over again until you pass!
  5. Once ALL 21 CHAPTERS & a review class are completed, it will unlock the final module “After Taking All of Your Chapters – School Exam Registration” on your learning path. Here you will find the instructions to register for your school exam and additional testing information for the school exam.

DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITH PSI (the state) until they have contacted you!


You must access your dashboard to get the link for each online class and keep track of your chapters to apply for the school exam!

CFREEConnect Dashboard:
USERNAME: Email Registered with School
CLASSROOM PASSWORD: located in your original receipt

For Onsite, In-Person Classroom:

Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 6pm – 10pm ONLY
Location: 14 Bergen St, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Parking Instructions: We have a full parking lot available to all students and street parking if the lot is full. Enter through the door in the parking lot.

Please arrive ON TIME (no earlier than 5:30pm) as class begins at 6pm and we do not want to disrupt the other students. If you arrive late, you will need to see an Admin Member to sign into class. Please silence your cellphones and digital devices.

Directions to the Classroom: When entering the building, you will go past the red reception desk and make a right down the hallway. The classroom will be the first door on your left – across from the school store. Please sign in with your first & last name, e-mail, and arrival time.


The textbook is not included in your tuition and is an additional purchase. With each physical copy of the 75 hour textbook purchased you will receive a FREE PDF digital copy for your laptop/computer, tablet, or phone. It will be on your dashboard.

The book is The Essentials of New Jersey Real Estate Current Edition.
(Listed on website as the New Jersey Textbook for 75 Hour Salesperson Class)

You SHOULD have a book!
We can not force you to purchase the book; however this is the book the State of NJ bases their exam on and is filled with key terms, practice quizzes/exams, and more!

The book can be purchased at

If you purchase a physical copy of the textbook, you can pick it up for no additional charge at our main location. Please have your order number + receipt available.

Center for Real Estate Education
14 Bergen Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Monday – Friday from 12pm – 5pm

*If you are in need of a custom pick-up window, please contact the Admin Team.


You may take your class on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any device compatible with the ZOOM Platform. Downloading the (free) ZOOM App on your device will bring you the optimal learning experience. 

You do NOT need to activate your webcam during your CLASSES, however you will need one when it comes time to take your exams. This is a state requirement.


To access the list of NJ Brokers please go to:

To access the list, use password: located in your original order receipt


The app is filled with practice questions, key words, and you can even create a PDF of your tracker for easy upload, all at the tip of your fingers! The download link can be found under “Study Aids” at 


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Our Admin team can be reached between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Phone – 201-343-6640

Email –