Real Estate Math (On Demand Class)

Real Estate Math (On Demand Class)


Does real estate math and formulas make you nervous or do you need a refresher?

This self-paced course will take the fear out of real estate math. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a few months or many years since school, our class will give you the necessary information and how to complete the formulas to ace state exam and your career.

This is a perfect add on to your 75 Hour Pre-Licensing Course. Math is a necessary skill for the New Jersey Real Estate Licensing Exam.

Topics Include:

  • Commission and Net to Seller
  • Value and Rate of Return, Depreciation, and Closing Math
  • Loan, Measurement, and Property Tax Math Formulas Made Easy

Watch on phone, tablet, computer.  Learn anywhere – anytime!

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6 month subscription to online video course.

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Upcoming Dates 9am-4pm

Sunday, November 21st


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