SUCCESS: Your First 90 Days Video

SUCCESS: Your First 90 Days Video

Instant Video!

We are happy to offer this class in two forms! Live Online and on Instant Video.  All purchases get both versions.  Watch the video and then attend the class for questions and additional topics! 

Jump start your Real Estate business! We teach you how to start making real estate transactions in 90 days.  Taught by veteran Real Estate Coach, Susan South, you will get live training in the comfort of your home – take the Live-Online course to get the one-on-one attention of an in-person coach.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new real estate agent or an experienced Realtor with years of industry experience.  Everyone can use our tested techniques and systems to increase their influence and sales.

You passed the test -now get the real training that will earn you commissions and turn you into a top producer!


The Center for Real Estate Education is known for its full-service courses in all areas of the Real Estate industry.  And now we are lending our decades of experience to real estate agents who are looking for help to grow their business.  

Topics Covered:

  • Creating & Executing Business Plan
  • Lead Generation & Databasing
  • Marketing
  • Finding Buyers & Sellers
  • Presentations
  • CMAs
  • Negotiations

About the Instructor: Susan South

Susan South  is a nationally recognized expert in the field of residential real estate and throughout her career has coached thousands of real estate agents – helping them reach their business goals!

In the course of a diverse 20-year career in business ownership and residential real-estate, Susan South has proven to be a skilled executive, visionary, a skillful trouble-shooter and turnaround expert. She has worked for herself as an owner of the family business (ask her about her baking skills); as a recruiter for corporate staffing; in marketing development for a national pharmaceutical marketing corporation; and lastly as a Real Estate agent.

Behind any successful professional, you will usually discover a strong, focused individual who does whatever is required to help her clients reach their goals. Susan is no exception. Bringing an energetic spirit, and love of the complex diversities of communities makes the purchasing or selling of a home an extremely rewarding and positive experience. Whether buying or selling a home, Susan’s’ knowledge and great attention to detail makes her a genuine asset to her clients.

As a Residential Realtor since 2008, Susan has managed over $7 Million in real-estate inventory at a given time and has developed successful strategies to bring in over 30,000 people to her website monthly viewing properties and seeking assistance in their selling or buying of their home. Technically, she has the tools and ability to service her client’s needs.

As a breast cancer cause advocate, Susan is tied to many events to benefit a cure. After losing her sister to breast cancer in 2000, Susan took on raising her sister’s son, now an amazing young man.

Susan’s family is complete with her husband’s children rounding out the South family.

 Susan South will help you build your business and future!