Testing Information Below


  • You must have taken 21 individual chapters plus a review class in any order.
  • You must have completed your class Chapter Tracker.  You may download a copy of the form at http://www.recareercenter.com/tracker
  • All testers must be paid in full to register for the test.  If you are not paid in full, please do not register for the exam.  Please contact the admin team at info@recareercenter.com and they will assist you in getting your account current.

Your account/class hours will be checked in our system against your chapter tracker. This process takes 3 business days. On the 4th business day you may log into https://candidate.speedexam.net with your email and the password you select and take your test. (A business day is Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm).

***If you have an outstanding account balance, or have not finished your class hours you will not be permitted into the test.***

A reminder email will come from noreply@runexam.net.


The exam is proctored by video and Artificial Intelligence.  The system will record you during the whole exam.  You must have a webcam and microphone to take this exam.  If you are found cheating in any way you will not be able to continue in the program and will not receive a refund.

The Artificial Intelligence will flag you for suspicious activities.  It will warn you that you are being flagged. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive movement or moving your head from the camera shot.
  • Navigating to another screen.
  • Pressing any of the function (ie. f12, f4, f1) buttons on your computer.
  • Books, Cameras, Phones or any other items being used.
  • Other people in the room.
  • Conversation with other people in or out of the room.
  • Animals or small children in the screen.

If you are flagged too many times, the program will terminate your exam.  If you are terminated, we will review your entire video. Upon a successful review with no cheating discovered you will have to take the test again.  There is no way to put you back into an exam when it has been terminated by the Artificial Intelligence.

**Please remember – AI/Artificial Intelligence is a computer algorithm – not a thinking person. It cannot tell if you are nervous and just moving a lot. Or if you are resting your head on the desk.  It just knows you took your head out of the shot. Or are making suspicious movements. It cannot tell that it is a toddler in the screen, it just sees another person.**

Results and State Test:

You will receive your results immediately!  70% is passing. You will also be able to review your test immediately.

After passing your school exam, our testing coordinator will upload your information to PSI – the state testing center.

We must have your Student Information/Qualification form on file. YOU MUST FILL THIS OUT BEFORE TAKING YOUR TEST. This provides us all of the information we need to give to the state. If you have not filled it out please go to https://www.recareercenter.com/studentinfo . You cannot be put into the state testing without this form being filled out.

It will take PSI up to 5 business days to accept you and then they will email you to register for your state exam in the PSI system.  DO NOT REGISTER FOR PSI BEFORE GETTING THE PSI REGISTRATION EMAIL.

If you do not pass, it is ok!  You will then know what you don’t know. You can return to classes and study more.  We offer unlimited school testing.  So don’t stress! Just go back into your testing dashboard and press “Retake”.

Please email questions to info@recareercenter.com – Due to the high volume of individual inquiries, please allow 24 business hours for response.

Now that you have read all of the instructions – you may register for your test!  We are so proud of you already!  Good Luck!


You will upload your tracker at this link, it cannot be larger than 800MB. Once you are registered AND activated (remember the 3 business days) in the testing portal – you can take your test at any time. You don’t have to schedule a time with us.