To take your PSI State Test – You must pass your online school test with a 70%.  It will take 5 business days (Monday – Friday / 9am-5pm) to upload you into the PSI System.

After they accept you, you will receive an email from PSI and will be able to go on their system and register to take the state exam.  You can choose between In-Person Testing at a PSI Testing Center or Online Testing using a computer with a camera and microphone.

Online testing can be taken 24 hours a day – but you will have to choose a time.

If you have questions on PSI Testing and the information please contact PSI at:

Email Sent From PSI to NJ Real Estate Schools on 9/17/20.

On behalf of PSI and New Jersey Real Estate Commission RE: Remote Proctored Examination

Dear Real Estate  School Director:

PSI and the NJ REC are excited to announce that the New Jersey Real Estate examinations will be
offered in a bi-modal environment. Beginning Monday, September 21, 2020, all real estate
examinations will be offered online as well as the traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ testing sites.
Currently, we offer ten (10) locations within New Jersey as well as the rest of the PSI testing network.

By providing the online option, we expect potential real estate professionals to be able to take the
examination in a secure and convenient setting, thus providing more options for testing at your
preferred time/location. The PSI online examination(s) are available 24 hours per day, seven days a

Please be aware, that the process WILL change as it relates to the online registration process.
Effective as of September 21, 2020, the URL for creating / scheduling the examinations will be
different than the previous process.

For reference, please see the below screenshots that outline the registration process.

Step by Step Sign Up Instructions: 

PSI RP school notice Sept 17 2020